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A Look at What Pro-Cut Has to Offer - A-1 Auto Tech

Last updated 7 years ago

Miles of driving every day can really take a toll on your braking system, especially in the hilly San Francisco Bay Area. With the forces of friction and heat, brake drums can wear down unevenly, costing you stopping power and causing an uncomfortable and dangerous wobble when braking. To fix this problem, brakes should be checked regularly and replaced or smoothed out as necessary. Some of the best auto shops now offer Pro-Cut on-car brake lathes, which offer many advantages:

Reduced Wobble

Pro-Cut brake lathes, like all brake lathes, serve to reduce lateral runout, which causes the unevenness in the brakes and the wobble you feel when you try to stop. The difference is that Pro-Cut brake lathes use on-car technology to avoid any discrepancies caused by off-car lathes and computerized compensation with digital readouts to assure maximum precision.

Faster Service

The on-car capabilities of Pro-Cut lathes mean no time is wasted removing drums and securing them to off-car lathes. Pro-Cut lathes are also extremely sophisticated machines that can do much of the brake job without being controlled by a technician, giving the mechanic freedom to prepare or finish up the brake job on the car’s other wheels.

Extended Brake Life

The Speed Lock cutting head and computerized compensation system make Pro-Cut lathes incredibly precise, allowing extremely fine cuts to reshape the brake drum while removing as little material as possible. With the brake preservation provided by Pro-Cut, brakes can be adjusted many times before having to be replaced, which can save you a lot of money over the years.

If you need to have your brakes checked and machined, then call A-1 Auto Tech at (650) 625-4085. With our Pro-Tech on-car lathing equipment we can service your brakes and get you on the road quickly and with the smoothest brakes possible. Check out our website for more information on our expert repair and maintenance services.


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