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Surefire Signs Your Steering And Suspension Need Attention

Last updated 6 years ago

Keeping your car’s steering and suspension components in proper working order is a vital part of maintaining its safety and performance.  It is equally important to learn how to recognize and quickly address any problems that arise, such as worn or failed CV joints, blown shocks or struts, and power steering issues.  Read ahead to find out about more steering and suspension problems that you may encounter as a car owner:

  • Screeching During Slow Turns, “Sloppy” Steering- If your vehicle makes a loud squeaking noise when you make turns at low speeds, such as in a parking lot, or if turning the steering wheel takes more effort than usual, your power steering system may need attention.  Common causes can include low fluid, a worn power steering belt, fluid leaks, pump failure, or simply not changing the old fluid.
  • Clicking Noise Coming from Front of Car- Clicking or clunking noises coming from the front of your vehicle during turns, reverse driving, and acceleration are often the result of axle or CV joint issues.  Over time, the boot protecting the CV joint can develop cracks, releasing grease from inside and exposing the joint to outside elements. Feel free to contact A1 Auto Tech in Mountain View; we have all the tools and diagnostic experience you could ask for.
  • Bouncing Over Bumps- When a car ride quality becomes excessively bouncy or squeaky or if you hear a popping sound coming from your trunk area, it can be a sign that the shocks or struts have worn down.  This weakens your suspension and can reduce your car’s ability to remain level when driving over uneven surfaces.
  • Clunking and Popping Noises- Loud clunks, bangs, and pops while driving over bumps are generally caused by problems with the ball joints and strut bearings.  These parts may only require lubrication to eliminate the noises, but replacement may be advised as a more permanent solution, especially in older vehicles. Let a qualified A1 Auto Tech technician inspect your vehicle, contact us here.

If you have noticed any of these problems or any other unusual ride quality behaviors in your vehicle, call A1 Auto Tech at (650) 265-4085 and set up an inspection today.  We provide a range of automotive services for American and Japanese vehicles, including steering and suspension repairs, check engine light diagnosis, and electrical repairs. Contact A1 Auto Tech for more information or set up an appointment to have your vehicle checked out today!


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