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Signs Your Vehicle's Brakes Need to Be Replaced at the Auto Repair Shop

Last updated 5 years ago

When most drivers think of “safety features” on their cars, they think of the seatbelts and airbags.

But the brakes are perhaps the most important safety features on your car, because they help you avoid dangerous collisions altogether. Like many other components of your vehicle, brakes wear out and eventually need to be repaired or replaced. Have an auto repair specialist service your brakes if:

The Pedal Sinks During Braking The brake pedal should offer some resistance when you depress it. If the brake pedal on your car slowly sinks toward the floor when you put weight on it, this is probably a symptom of a brake fluid leak. Also, a sinking pedal could indicate an air leak in the hose. Both these problems require immediate attention.

The Brakes Vibrate When You Depress the Pedal When you step on the brakes, you should not feel any sudden vibrations. If you do, this could be a sign that your brake rotors are so warped that the pads cannot evenly apply friction to them. You can warp your brake rotors when towing heavy loads or driving downhill.

The Car Pulls to One Side as You Brake If your wheels are aligned properly and your car does not pull to either side while accelerating or engine braking, but does noticeably pull when you apply the brakes, then the pads might have worn down unevenly. Pulling can also occur when your brake fluid has been contaminated with foreign matter.

The Brakes Make a High-Pitched Sound Your brake pads will eventually wear down, and it is unsafe to drive with less than a quarter inch of brake pad left. Fortunately, the pads are equipped with a metal indicator that will scrape against the rotor as the pads wear down, creating a telltale screeching noise that alerts you to the condition of your brakes.

For professional brake repair, visit A-1 Auto Tech, Inc.  Since 1978, Mountain View drivers have trusted us with their auto repairs. Call us at (888) 722-1970 to make an appointment for your car.


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