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Symptoms of Fuel Injection Problems

Last updated 5 years ago

Fuel injectors are responsible for injecting a certain amount of fuel into the engine cylinders. Depending on the current driving needs, fuel injectors will either inject more or less fuel into the engine. If your vehicle’s fuel injectors are not working correctly, go to an auto repair shop to have them inspected as soon as possible. Here are some of the common symptoms that indicate fuel injection problems.

Fuel Leak Problematic fuel injectors are more likely to crack or tear, resulting in a gasoline leak. When a broken fuel injector begins to leak, the fuel leaking from the vehicle will be easy to see and smell.

Irregular Idling Faulty fuel injectors cannot properly transfer fuel from the fuel rail to the engine cylinder, which results in rough idling. If your vehicle is choppy or vibrating excessively while the engine is idling, there’s a good chance your vehicle has fuel injection problems.

Engine Misfiring Oftentimes, broken fuel injectors will inject an insufficient amount of fuel into the engine cylinders. When this happens, pressing on the accelerator will result in delayed acceleration. Engine misfiring can also be caused by a number of other car problems, such as clogged fuel injectors or bad spark plugs.  

Engine Surging When this happens, your vehicle’s engine will surge suddenly and then accelerate slowly. As you are driving, engine surging it will feel like your car is delivering power in bursts. You may also notice the engine RPMs changing quickly.

Decreased Fuel Economy Broken fuel injectors will oftentimes inject too much gasoline into your engine, causing it to be less fuel efficient. If you experience a drop in fuel economy and notice other symptoms of faulty fuel injectors, head to your local car repair shop to have your fuel injectors inspected.

If you suspect that your vehicle has a fuel injector problem, take it to A-1 Auto Tech,Inc.  of Mountain View, CA. Our AAA-approved auto repair shop can inspect your vehicle and find the problem before it gets worse. Call us at (888) 722-1970 if you have any questions for our team of experienced auto mechanics.


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