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About A-1 Auto Tech

A-1 Auto Tech is a member of over 10 years good standing with the CSAA Approved Auto Repair Association.  CSAA is well recognized for their efforts in keeping high standards for Auto Professionals.  Our shop is inspected monthly by a CSAA Representative and we are made accountable for any indiscretions that a AAA Member may have.  CSAA guarantees our work for their members for 12 months or 12,000 miles.  However A-1 Auto Tech guarantees their work for 24 months or 24,000 miles. 


A1 Auto Tech participates in the ASE Blue Seal of Excellence Recognition Program.  This programs is only for shops that maintains 75% of  their service professionals in the ASE certification program.  The programs also stipulates that you must have a certificate in each of the services that you offer, including Service Writer and Parts Specialist....Which we do!!!!   (We have 100%)

A-1 Auto Tech also requires it technicians to be certified in the ASE  Certification Program.  This program insures that you as a consumer are getting repairs done by a competent technician who have proven their technical skills.  Technicians are tested by ASE on a multitude of subjects.  ASE requires technicians to re-test every five years to keep up with technology and to remain certified.


Auto Mechanic Driven to Excel: Shop on track to be a winner

The following is copied from A San Jose Mercury News article dated Wednesday, April 4, 1990.

Frank Edelman may be the only auto mechanic who gives customers his home phone number.  But to Edelman, 29, owner of A-1 Auto Tech on Evelyn Avenue in Sunnyvale, it's a small price to pay.
Edelman figures that after 13 years in the car business, he knows what it takes to win the race.  
 His plan is to put his independent garage into dealership class for every make and model of car driven.  To that end, Edelman has contracted with a computer services to supply him with a series of industry updates on the mechanical problems and recalls of all new cars.
 He and his employees frequently attend classes and seminars to keep up with automotive developments.  
 And he hires technicians: Mechanics who are trained to understand the finer points of today's cars, such as the computer chips that serve as the brains of most new cars.  
   "We want to be able to handle a car as well as any dealer can," Edelman said. He started out in the automotive business at age 16, Edelman worked after school for Bob Witter's Shell, an independent service station in Sunnyvale.  "The very first day I didn't have anything to do, and I picked up a broom and started sweeping the (service) bays, and Bob was floored," Edelman said.
   Witter sold the shop four years later (Edelman sees Witter as a mentor and continues to consult him for advise), and Edelman got a job with a Ford dealership.  But in the week between jobs he started servicing customers' cars at his Sunnyvale home.  "The first week out of my garage I did $3,500," Edelman said.  He earned only $14 an hour at the dealership.
   Two months later he had a booming business.  One day an old high school acquaintance, Dave Mareno, dropped by to find out why cars were parked up and down the street near Edelman's house.  Mareno, who did body work on cars at his house at the other end of the block, was having the same problem.  
   To avoid troubles with the city, the two formed a partnership that in late 1987 led to them to rent a small two-bay garage a couple of blocks form A-1 Auto Tech's current location.  They pooled their resources; Edelman had $10,000 from a pension plan at the service station, and Mareno had a like amount in savings from his home-run business.  
   They cleaned the place themselves, and Mareno did all the interior and exterior graphics and design work.  Mareno kept his auto body business, Classic Automotive Restoration, separate.  But he served as Edelman's bookkeeper, a system they maintain today.  
   They hired a mechanic, one of Edelman's former colleagues at the Shell Station.  The first month
A-1 grossed $12,000, the second month, $18,000, and the third month, $24,000.
   They moved to their current 6000 square foot location when they ran out of space.  Unable to secure a business loan, Mareno took cash advances from his credit card so he could afford to clean, paint and install blinds, linoleum, lifts and other automotive equipment.
   They moved in September 1988 and hired a second mechanic.  Revenues continued to build, and they brought in about $40,000 the first month.  But by early 1989 overhead - in the form of rent, utilities, employment and other taxes, worker's compensation, benefits and equipment-forced them into a big decision: pare down the business or build it up?  They decided to expand.  Edelman took a second mortgage on his house to help ease the transition.  They hired two dealership technicians and let other shops know they could handle new cars.  The timing was right.  During the mechanics' strike that cut business at many dealerships last year, A-1 Auto Tech performed all the warranty repair work for two Sunnyvale Dealers.
   Edelman said local independent garages have been referring new car owners to A-1 Auto Tech to fix the computer troubles they are not equipped to handle.

  • High Octane Tips For Entrepreneurs
    Keys to finding a new niche in an old business:

  • Know the business; get experience

  • Take a close look at what the customer wants.  Edelman believed his customers wanted to keep going to their family mechanic, instead of a dealer, even after buying new cars.

  • Keep up with technology.  Edelman and his employees frequently attend automotive seminars.


  • Creative financing.  Using credit cards for loans probably isn't the most reliable method.  But Edelman and Mareno would not let themselves be deterred by banks turning down loan applications

  • Be willing to make tough decisions based on your long-term goals.  When Edelman and Mareno had problems with high overhead, they could have cut costs and pared down the business.  They chose to expand the business.

  • Don't  be afraid to seek advice.  Edelman often consults with his first employer.

This is a copy of the article that was written in 1990, Frank still lives by these values today.


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FIVE STARS - 1996 Dodge Back From The Dead - Happy Customer from Los Altos

A-1 Auto Tech Inc
Last updated 3 years ago

  • on 06/30/15 on Yelp
  • Chuck and Frank have been taking care of our old cars for a decade.  They brought our 1996 Dodge Caravan back from a near-death experience.  They are honest, they keep customers informed about progress, and are always cheerful.  Highly recommended.

    Tony L.

FIVE STARS - Brake & Lamp - Happy Customer from Cupertino

A-1 Auto Tech Inc
Last updated 3 years ago

  • on Yelp
  • I've brought my car here twice and each time I had excellent service.

    The first time was for major electrical work  when my car mysteriously stopped working. The second time was to replace a light and to change out my brake pads. Each time, they maintained great communication updating me along the way and giving me estimates of how long and how much the repairs would take. They always give my car a thorough inspection and let me know smaller repairs I could make, but I never feel pressured to spend more than I want.

    Frank and his team are definitely reliable and trustworthy. I will continue taking my car here for future issues it has.

    Kristen P

Paying It Forward

A-1 Auto Tech Inc
Last updated 4 years ago

  • on email
  • Name : Brian Orlov

    Subject : Thank you for your support!!

    Message : Thank you for supporting MVHS Sports Boosters and our Media Guide. I have posted your contact Info on our Facebook page so our members can find your business. Also if you could LIKE our page that would be great. Do you have a page on Facebook? We could LIKE your page. Thanks again for supporting our student athletes. --Brian Orlov

    Brian Orlov

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Last updated 5 years ago

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